A Bone To Pick With You

Patrick Cannell © 2023
I've got a bone to pick with you,
You're a good story teller but your stories are not true.
You've got a lot to answer for
'Cause I used to believe you but I believe you no more.

You think you're clever and I'm forced to agree.
You'll stumble next time 'cause I will be ready,
Never to be fooled again.

Your nose is longer than a gun.
When you say you're a hero you can pull the other one.
Your tales are taller than a yew,
Therefore Mister Pulitzer is the name I give to you.

You think you're cunning, of that I am aware.
You saw me coming but I'm a fast learner,
Never to be fooled again.

You win a trophy for telling lies
But you're a phoney, that's no surprise.
God's gonna cut you back down to size.
You win a trophy for telling lies.