A Fantasia Of Collective Nouns

Music by Andy Medforth, Lyrics by Patrick Cannell © 2018

A symposium of salamanders.
A parliament of ducks.
A criterion of helicopter pilots.
A bag of worms.
A stricture of centipedes.
A hub of halfwits.
A hive of incompetents.
A locus of trivialities.
A gantenbrink of robots.
A slime of student protesters.
A sacrament of errors.
A section of toasted crumpets.
A division of dentures.
A gaggle of pedestrians.
A flight of stories.
A herd of hippies.
An unpleasantness of hogs.
A swarm of salesmen.
An unkindness of traffic wardens.
A platoon of jelly babies.
A raft of angels.
A sweep of arrows.
A constellation of light bulbs.
A halo of fireflies.
A fleet of refridgerators.
A triviality of trinkets.
A gang of tornadoes.
An onrush of customers.
An avalanche of knitted sweaters.
A balustrade of mourners.
A significance of omens.
A slither of toads.
A plenitude of pineapples.
A compendium of toothpicks.
A fantasia of collective nouns.