Patrick Cannell © 1995
It's nice to taste the cyanide, see what it's like on the other side.
Sink or swim to the other shore, no one wants to be a bore.
It's good to feel the ice cold blade held to your throat by a renegade.
There's really no need to weep, it's a bit like going to sleep.

Why try to avoid death's kiss? You just don't know what you might miss.
All good things must reach an end, the axe man wants to be your friend.
You think the dead are envious, I tell you they don't envy us.
If we could see the other side we might just take the cyanide.

Cyanide, cyanide.

Recorded in Durham Street
Studio, 1995. Featuring
Neill Raftery, bass. Karen
Sheader, backing vocals. Neil
Athy, rhythm guitars. Engineered
by Neill Raftery.