Fanny May

Patrick Cannell © 2011
Fanny, Fanny May.
You put your trust in the man
And now it's time to pay.

You believed it all
And took your eye off the ball
And now you're heading for a fall.
Good night my sweet Fanny May.

Freddy, Freddy Mack.
You locked your self in a shack
But now the wolf is back.

You believed the lies
And thought you yoke was cheap at the price
But now you've been cut down to size.
Good night, dear old Freddy Mack.

Give me something I can use
And I will build paradise.
All these penalties and dues
Weigh heavy on my enterprise.
They took away my tools
And made me sleep out with the mules.
Give me something I can use
And I will build a paradise.

I could build a paradise
For you and me,
Live on coconuts and rice
And dance to the roar of the deep blue sea.

Nightingales and turtle doves
Will sing in praise,
While we chase a thousand loves,
Messing around like in the old days.

No more illness, no more pain.
No more crying, no more shame.
No more human tragedy,
You'll see.

I could build a paradise
From cane and reeds.
So good they'll have to name it twice
And pave all the roads with good deeds.

No more fluoride, no more pills.
I'll take caffeine through the gills.
No more G.M. in my tea,
You'll see.