Like A Cigarette

Patrick Cannell © 1997

Here's a little song for all you people who've tried to give up smoking.
The last time I tried I was all right for the first few minutes,
Then I began to hallucinate, I could see cigarettes.

If it's long and if it's thin and if you'd like to stick it in
It's like a cigarette.

Is this a dagger I see before me?
Is this Mick Jagger I see before me?
Or a cigarette?

What is this instrument of pleasure which you hold between your lips
And fingertips?

He's like a cigarette and he's my friend.
I need no friends, I live for fags,
I beg for drags, addiction nags.

I'm like a cigarette, I'll smoke myself,
I'm like a cigarette.
Set fire to my hair and breathe through my feet,
I'm like a cigarette.

I'm an amicable bloke but what I do to you's no joke,
I'm like a cigarette.
When my taste is on your tongue I will be damaging your lung,
I'm like a cigarette and I'm your friend.
When the ash falls to the tray that's just my head you've thrown away,
I'm like a cigarette.
Charlie Chan was in my dream, his yellow skin was nicotine,
He's like a cigarette.

Oh, like a cigarette.
Oh, like a cigarette.