Our Place In The Country

Patrick Cannell © 1998
You and me've got a horse in the harness,
The feed in the barn is very high grade.
One two three and we're off for the summer,
Oh what a bummer, didn't get paid.

Bring your gun and we'll live like a poacher,
Jump on a coach and meet me there.
Burn your boots and run through the heather,
Whether the weather's dull or fair.

I've been waiting for so long,
Surely nothing can go wrong.

You and me've got a seat at the table,
Horse in the stable, climb aboard.
Sun shines down on our place in the country,
Pack all the sundries you have stored.

Bring the cement 'cause we're building a bunker
Under the sunken fields of mud.
Bombs rain down on our holiday mansion,
Can you imagine owt so good?

I've been waiting for some time.
Let's hope it's going to be fine.