She Gives Me Confidence

Patrick Cannell © 2007

I'm not a big man, as you can see, I'm four foot two.
But I've got someone who stands up for me, she loves me too.
And when my mind is filled with doubt she gives me confidence.
She's quite prepared to spell things out and leap to my defence.

I've got a problem being noticed in the twilight.
All in all, it's hard to exist at navel height.
And when my stature gets me down she picks me up again.
When we go out to paint the town, my nick name is Small Change.

My girl can sympathise with all God's creatures.
I can gaze into her eyes when I stand on chairs.

They say Napoleon was only small and so was Alan Ladd
But a midget like me has to stand on tiptoes
When every woman I see is looking down her nose at me.