Silver & Gold

Patrick Cannell © 2009
Put your mind at ease with silver and gold.
Neither one of these will ever grow old.

Forget about money, money is funny,
Ink and paper will fade.
Come the next crash, we'll be having a bash
'Cause gold and silver will trade.

Put your soul at rest with copper and tin.
You know that metal's best to invest in.

Forget about romance, come the next barn dance
She'll be with somebody new.
I'm taking my surplus out of the circus,
Tin and copper will do.

And all the dream machines
Will move to Milton Keynes,
In debt but so in love.
Oh how they are in love.

I'm gonna be a wealthy man.
And maybe I already am.
I love the flashes in my pan.

Sell your country for titanium ore
And circumvent the law to buy up some more.

Boosting my stock-pile, uranium rock pile,
Everything has to increase.
Filling my spoon up, watch it balloon up,
Bigger and bigger, yes please.

And all the worker drones
Have children in their homes.
In debt but happy men,
Oh how I envy them.

I'm gonna be a wealthy man,
Some think I already am.
I'm trading my immortal soul
For silver and gold.