The Everything Bomb

Patrick Cannell © 1992
God was alone so he picked up the phone
And he made a trunk call to himself.
The sky was too black so he gave it the sack
And decided to do it himself.

Millions of people were born.
Millions of turbans were worn.
Here in the eye of a storm,
Everybody's looking for the everything bomb.

He sharpened his nose with the thorn of a rose
And he sharpened his wits with a knife.
He bartered his soul for a wagon of coal
And he only escaped with his life.

Millions of pages were turned.
Millions of lessons were learned.
Here in the land of the spurned,
Everybody's waiting for the end of the world.

Keep well away, the fuse is burning.
There might be hell or more to pay.

Saved perhaps or doomed, the E bomb's ticking.
Hostilities may be resumed.

She lifted her veil while she hammered a nail
With the heel of her diamond tipped shoe.
She started to faint from the fumes of fresh paint
And from the horror and the shock of the new.

Millions of people have died.
Millions of methods were tried.
Here in the dead of the night,
Everybody's trying to put the wrongs they've done right.