The Moon Is A Thief

Patrick Cannell © 2009
The moon is a thief who steals the light from the sun
But you don't have to steal none to turn me on.

The magpie's a bird who thieves to feather her nest,
So don't behave like a pest when you're the best.

Some have got it, some have not
And girl you've got it times a lot.
Don't take leaves from other people's books
When you can stand on your own looks.

Some can swing it, some fall down.
Compared to you, girl, they're all clowns.
So don't apply the same cosmetic smear,
You're feeling someone else's fear.

An actor's a thief who takes his lines from the page.
Get your feet off that stage and act your age.

A plagiarist exercises his wit,
So take care not to steal shit, you idiot.

You're wonderful but you don't know,
Guaranteed to steal the show
And borrowing from your competitors
Will make your act as bad as theirs.